Content Personalisation Workshop: Adaptive Content Modelling – Copenhagen, Nov 2015

Adaptive content modelling for optimising omnichannel UX

This event took place the 24th and 25th of November, 2014

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adaptive content modelling mindmap

Workshop abstract

Your users need you to come to this session, even if they don’t know it.

Adaptive content is content that is nimble and agile enough to overcome today’s content personalisation challenges. But making our content adaptive means addressing a topic that sends many running for the fire exit or nearest window: semantic content modelling. This session will connect the dots between semantic content, content reuse, responsive design, omnichannel and multichannel delivery, a bit of linked data and the all-important user experience.

Single-source, multichannel content – also known as ‘Single source of truth’ or “COPE (create once, publish everywhere)” content – is a bit of a holy grail right now. Multichannel’s big brother “omnichannel” is quickly gaining wider awareness. Our trade is discussing content being freed from the browser, available for reuse, and accessible in apps, kiosks, responsive mobile deliverables, eBooks and syndication services to our partners – even in wearable technologies. All this should improve the experience of users, and of course, benefit the organisations that serve them. Adaptive content unifies all these concepts and makes such a paradigm possible.

This session will show you why you want and need to have adaptive content structures in today’s content economy. It will then go through non-terrifying introductory exercises to help you model your own content in a future-proof way.

“I found my session with Noz educational, stimulating, and relevant to my work. It was a perfect match for fulfilling our needs for improving our current content model and will be great for developing a shared understanding of how we use it in our organisation.”

– Søren Weimann, Napatech

Copenhagen, Denmark

Workshop outline

Market context and business pressures

  • Key concepts: Multidevice, Multichannel, Multi-screening, Omnichannel, Internet of Things, Personalisation, Taxonomy, Metadata
  • Content in four dimensions – Rethinking how content is perceived by customers today. Planning for geographic, device, time, context and person-specific delivery.
  • The format collapse: content everywhere is the only remaining option


  • COPE systems – what do they look like?
  • What is semantic content modelling?
  • Where does metadata and structure come in?
  • Semantics and SEO – how Google is pushing us all down the semantic route
  • Personas, taxonomies and adaptive content
  • Modular information products
  • Adaptive content and the user experience

Exercises (spread across both days)

  • Developing a four-dimensional persona
  • Breaking up traditional content and modelling semantically
  • Making content adaptive with taxonomy mapping
  • Breaking down organisational silos: sharing adaptive content

Learning objectives

What people will walk away with:

  • A solid sense of what structured content actually is and its relationship to adaptive content, multichannel, and UX.
  • A grounding in the key concepts required to approach semantic content modelling.
  • The knowledge that their content is already more structured than they realize.

Noz Delivering Workshop

Who should come?

This session is highly cross-functional and can be applied a variety of digital marketing and commercial communications, technical communications (e.g. HTML5 / DITA / modular content) and content marketing.

  • Communicators of all kinds, but specifically marketing communicators, technical communicators and user experience specialists
  • Content marketers concerned about creating content at scale for a feasible cost
  • Managers keen to have a deeper understanding of the process and challenge of going multi or omnichannel
  • Staff responsible for migrating unstructured to prepare it for personalised delivery in applications, online, across social media, wearable devices and more.

The session helps address managing content personalisation against consistency, and good user experience across formats and channels like print, mobile apps, social, and desktop web. It is one of the few workshop sessions available on the market that can future-proof attendees who want to prepare for advanced paradigms like wearable devices, multi-screen interactions, embedded user assistance, augmented reality and more.


This event was be held on the premises of Napatech ltd.

If you have any questions contact Elodie Eudier:


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