Speaking at Publishing Expo 2012 [NF0]


For those considering the Publishing Expo Conference Feb 28-29 – I’ll be there with some favourite Congility speakers. We’re still accepting last-minute submissions for remaining speaking slots too.

Presentations should be educational, conceptual or “thought-leading” oriented presentations, i.e., not a commercial sales pitch.

They can sent by email to georgina.johnson@mekon.com.

Here’s a bit of background on the event:

Publishing Expo 2012 – Content Agility Theatre

The Content Agility Theatre is back at Publishing Expo 2012. It will focus on core challenges facing the modern publisher in today’s user-led publishing landscape, and educate and inform visitors on the processes, strategies and technologies required to overcome them.

Content Agility means making information agile, portable and reusable – abilities made ever more critical by eBooks, ePub 3.0, mobile web.

These tools are faster and more powerful than anything we’ve had before, but how do you leverage them without increasing complexity and risk?

The Theatre will feature key presentations from internationally recognised consultants, thought-leaders, and content strategists. They work with organisations the world over, helping them make relevant, excellent content available in the context and format of the consumer’s choosing.

Publishing Expo 2012 – CA Theatre Featured speakers:

  • Rahel Anne Bailie, Senior Consultant and Content Strategist, Intentional Design, will discuss making e-Pubs relevant to the audience as well as the business.
  • Noz Urbina, Senior Consultant and Content Strategist, Mekon Ltd., will discuss updating your content strategy for a community-driven world.
  • Brett Freeman, Content Publishing Specialist, Aptara, will address publishing content to digital platforms.
  • Anne Caborn, Co-founder and Content Development Specialist, CDA, will take you through governing digital content to achieve agility while avoiding risk.



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