2013 Conference Season – Shall We Meet? [NF0]


I am delivering at least 11 but up to 15 sessions of the keynote, presentation, workshop and webinar varieties in the 11 weeks between late September and November.  I’ve gone a bit overboard.  Conference-wise the next little while finds me in:

I’m eager to set up meetings in advance as conferences seem to have gotten so hectic for me in the last few years. But it’s nice to be in demand!

So please let me know if you’d like to meet up to discuss a project or catch up on the latest industry tidbits.

Some are pure-play content strategy and others technical communication, so a bit for everyone.

Here’s some (not all) of the sessions I’ll be doing (still to come… CSApplied, DITA Europe, and more!):

Technical Communication UK 2013

Focus: TechComm

24th–26th September 2013

Marriott City Centre – Bristol, UK

Their page says:

“Whether you are a new technical communicator or a seasoned professional, TCUK has something for you. Not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it – Charlotte Branth Claussan shares her experiences in What’s in it for a newbie?, and Colum McAndrew gives a wider perspective in What’s in it for me?

I’ll be delivering…

A 1/2-day Workshop:

The incremental steps towards dynamic and embedded content delivery (14:30–17:30 Tuesday 24th, Stream A)

And a presentation:

Changing our mindset for the future of content work (14:00–14:40 Thursday 26th, Stream B)

Why I’m excited:

The TCUK Conference has been growing nicely each year and has developed into an excellent learning or networking opportunity for the region.

soap! Conference Krakow

Focus: TechComm and the future

3rd Oct 2013

Tischner European University, 11 Westerplatte – Krakow, Poland

Their page says:

“We work in the communication business and we like it. Technical documentation, e-learning, and localization are our bread and butter, and every day is an adventure (more or less)…let’s meet in Krakow, where the communication business is expanding rapidly. There are plenty of dynamic professionals who want to share ideas about technical communication, and you are one of them.

…DITA, e-learning tools, training practices, localization scenarios, success stories, industry standards, and the best new gadgets out there.”

I’ll be delivering…

The Keynote Session:

The Freedom to Grow: How Standards in Communication Facilitate Our Industry (11:15–12:00 Thursday 3rd)

Why I’m excited:

Eastern Europe is at a very exciting time in its market development and I’m delighted to have a chance to be in on the ground floor for this new event eager to set the tone for the future.

LavaCon 2013 Portland, USA

Focus: Content Strategy and multichannel digital publishing: Reducing Costs, Generating Revenue

20th–24th October 2013

Portland Hilton and Executive Tower, 921 Southwest 6th Avenue – Portland, OR 97204

Their page says:

“To attract and engage the next generation of tech-savvy customers, we must do more than just write content. We must create an information experience that delivers exactly what the consumer wants, while also supporting strategic business objectives.”

I’ll be delivering…

A General Session:

How to Reach Those Who Control the Power and Purse Strings (13:30–14:30 Monday 21st)

And a presentation (UI & UX Design Track):

Adaptive Content = Architecture + Process (Minus a Healthy Dose of Reality)(16:00–16:45 Monday 21st)

Why I’m excited:

LavaCon is 112 sessions strong and the organisers are very open minded and push for their best innovations. I had a great reception from my keynote last year and have a soft spot for LavaCon now. A great place to meet bright sparks in our industry.


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