Customer Journey Mapping

Go beyond superficial diagrams and Develop enterprise-ready content requirements

Our mapping methods elevate the typical customer journey map from a static project deliverable to a living piece of design documentation. Build content services that improve on specific key performance indictors (KPIs) by building detailed requirements and a strategy for measuring impact.

A vital part of building an audience-centric strategy is enhancing our understanding of the different perspectives, jobs to be done, and top tasks across various touch-points and channels. Urbina’s mapping methodology integrates

  • content experience design and requirements analysis
  • metrics and measurement strategies
  • complex multi-stakeholder and relationship lifecycle inputs, and
  • component content editorial design requirements and planning.

Urbina’s experience mapping method

Urbina’s method goes far beyond the typical market standard of user research, giving you a prioritised mapping of the stakeholder ecosystem around your key personas to the specific project tasks, content standards improvements, software system requirements, and more that will make that experience measurably better.

The process starts with a formal Jobs to be Done and Persona analysis – or leverages the research you’ve already done – and maps the requirements to content and teams to provide you a result that is directly tied  to follow-up actions for improving on key metrics.

Our method addresses the key content strategy and systems implementations questions, and many many more:

  • What content should I create and in what formats?
  • How should I break the content up so that it is manageable and reusable while still being effective for the user?
  • How will the content’s quality and performance be measured?
  • How will I know if my content has made a difference to the journey after it’s been rolled out?
  • How can I reuse content effectively and efficiently across this map and persona from others I have already defined?
  • What gaps are there in the current experience that need to be addressed with improvements to technology or systems changes?
  • What are the internal bridges I need to build with other teams to achieve my change programme’s goals?
  • What improvements are needed to tagging and metadata?
  • What calls to action should I place where, for maximum user and business benefit?

The result is delivered in a shareable and maintainable web format that you can use to engage relevant stakeholders and get them on board.

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