Structured Content Strategy Spain

Spain’s 1st Structured Content Strategy Seminar

Valencia, Spain  – Monday 10th of February 2014, free entry  Lee este texto en español


Information is at the heart of most business processes, but hard to manage. How can you get the most value out of your information and your staff’s knowledge? When not properly handled, information costs our businesses and makes it harder to compete on the national and international level. Having a content strategy and structured content can add value to your business by making it more findable and accessible. They help make your processes more cost-effective, efficient and fast. But what are they? How can a Spanish business take steps towards implementing a content strategy and structuring content, yet keep investment and change management under control?

In many countries, industries are building communities around addressing these questions. Let’s do the same!

If you are a professional interested in sharing, learning and discussing your issues and successes around how you handle information, this event is for you. It will introduce you to internationally recognized Content Strategists based in Spain. In short presentations each will share his expertise, starting a debate and discussion in which we can all participate.

This is the beginning of something special that our region needs.

Why now?

Both enterprise customers and individual consumers want more information, on more devices, and they’re never been more impatient to get it.  The old ways and tools can’t keep up. Like moving from horses to motors, industry must take on the right technologies and methods to multiply the result of their efforts as never before possible.

The techniques we will discuss are especially popular in high-tech, software, medical and manufacturing industries, but they’re relevant everywhere.

This seminar is brought to you by Bluestream Software and Urbina Consulting and will also feature content from Culturecom and Softonic – all international businesses based in Spain, who are at the forefront of information management solutions.

This event is free of charge. Secure your spot – Only 40 seats available!

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  • 16:00 Event opening
  • 16:15 Presentation by Noz Urbina, Founder and Content Strategist, Urbina Consulting, Valencia
  • 16:55 Presentation by Ray Gallon, Consultant, Culturecom, Barcelona
  • 17:35 Break
  • 17:55 Presentation by Fabrizio Ferri Benedetti, Content Strategist, Softonic, Barcelona
  • 18:35 Discussion, drinks and snacks
  • 20:00 Close

Who should come?

  • Anyone who is putting together information, content or documentation for your business
  • Engineering and software development team leaders
  • Marketers and marketing team leaders
  • Technical communication team leaders
  • Translation and localisation managers
  • User experience designers
  • Information architects


Coworking: Calle Maestro Gozalbo, 23, 46005 Valencia, Spain

If you have any questions contact Elodie Eudier :

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