Ray Gallon


Consultant and Founder,

Culturecom, Barcelona


Ray Gallon has been a communicator for over 40 years, half of that time specifically in tech comm. He has worked with start-ups as well as major companies like IBM, Alcatel, and General Electric Health Care. He is currently the owner of Culturecom, a consultancy specialising in user assistance and content strategy for software, and a principal in The Transformation Society research group.

He is past president of STC France and a current board member of STC international. Ray shares his life between the Languedoc region of France and Barcelona, Spain.


Stealth Content Strategy: A Case Study

16:55, Monday 10 February 2014

Ray Gallon will present a case study drawn from his current work with ValidIT, a company with a profile similar to many small Spanish software startups. He’ll explain how sometimes, we need content strategy, but don’t know how to ask for it – and go through how a call for “documentation” became a full-blown content strategy project. He’ll go on to explain why DITA structure was selected as the technology to apply to the User Assistance system. You’ll hear about problems encountered, solutions found, and the evolution of thinking about a project that is still current and evolving. You’ll also see a demo of some of the results.

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