Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy addresses the kind of information we gather from our visitors and how we use it. If you have any questions, please contact us:

Urbina Consulting S.L.

Elodie Eudier, Co-Founder and Privacy Policy Representative
Calle Santa Maria Micaela 18
Puerta 88
Valencia, 46008
+34 605 026 097



Your acceptance of our privacy policy

By using Urbina Consulting S.L, you agree to the collection and use by Urbina Consulting S.L of your personal information (PI) as described in this policy. If we make any significant changes to this policy, we will notify you by email, or by posting a notice of such changes on the site. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Urbina Consulting S.L does not own or control and whose materials, content, goods, or services are accessed through the site.


What we collect about you that is personally identifiable

We collect your name, email address, password, and other information that you specifically provide to us to set up your account, which information can be revised and deleted by you. All passwords are stored on our server in encrypted form. We also collect information you provide us in response to our inquiries; for example, ((1) opinions, ideas, suggestions, and information in response to online surveys, (2) names and contact information for individuals you have referred to us, and (3) other information you have elected to provide Urbina Consulting S.L. This is an “opt-in” policy with regards to PI.


Other data we collect which is not personally identifiable

We collect information regarding use of the site, such as login information, computer-related information (for example, browser type you used, your Internet Protocol address, last URL visited, and the date and time of day of your login). We send a “cookie” or “pixel tag” to your computer that contains an identification number that is unique to the computer you are using. You may decline to provide such information to us and/or refuse cookies in your browser, although some of our features or services may not function properly as a result.


How we use personal information and other data

We use the information we gather to

  • enhance the experience of using the site
  • to understand how our site is used
  • to customize advertising
  • to communicate with our users about information relating to the site
  • to investigate and verify proper conduct at the site, and
  • for the security, integrity, quality improvement, and monitoring of the site.

We use data in the aggregate for our business purposes, but we do not disclose such data in a manner that allows identification of an individual user. We may also use the information we gather to communicate with you about events, products, and services we believe may be of interest to you. You are free to opt-out of receiving such communications; to do so, please contact Urbina Consulting S.L’s Privacy Policy Representative at the address provided above.


Nondisclosure of personal information

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your permission unless required by law.

Noz Urbina has designed interfaces and processes that have saved organisations millions per year, recommended solutions that have avoided headcount increases, and secured budget by properly putting content into context for managers and executives.

Our primary services are bundled up under the label: Content Design.
We deliver this using our own proven methods and templates for:

  • customer journey mapping for ideation and content requirements analysis
  • content modelling for omnichannel and personalisation, and
  • writing methodologies for increasing reuse and optimising for both search
    engines and upcoming formats like chatbots, conversational interfaces,
    and mixed reality.

Content Design is a way to implement a repeatable system that addresses the entire content and design lifecycle. It helps organisations deliver user-centric, value-added, and differentiating experiences on any channel and across all their channels.