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Workshop: Excel with AI Before the AI Apocalypse

LavaCon San Diego, California

This interactive session will give you a low-tech overview of how the commonly available AI technologies work, and how they can be strategically applied in your content workflows.

Omnichannel in pharma: Scaling content operations


In this session, we’ll examine where and how pharmaceutical companies are adopting omnichannel solutions, including modular (aka LEGO-like) content and data integration. We’ll explore the future of omnichannel for the industry and share a vision of what a remarkable omnichannel solution looks like. This session will draw upon case studies from Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Roche, 3M Life Sciences and more to outline proven strategies and tactics to help teams across the organization move towards omnichannel.

Panel discussion part 2: Applying content models

This is part 2 of the Session Series: Designing content for Headless, Omnichannel, and Personalisation Picking up from our session “Demystifying content models“, our high-powered panel of industry experts is back to share their insights on how to apply content models effectively in the current digital landscape. This webinar will delve into the core areas […]

DAM and AI: What you can leverage right now

DAM Europe Thistle Hotel Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom

With all the talk about ChatGPT, Bard, chatbots and artificial intelligence in general, you may, as a DAM practitioner, be wondering what your focus should be.
AI is all the range, and brands are looking to understand the business opportunity – where and how to apply AI.

Succeeding with modern intelligent content services (and AI)

KM World

Intelligent Content Services are here to supersede traditional document management and monolithic ECM systems. They are different from the buzzy AI services, and have for years been becoming ever more crucial to building scalable business applications that facilitate better information access, sharing, and collaboration using a range of leading-edge concepts like componentized content, semantic AI, headless content systems, and omnichannel distribution.

Panel discussion part 1: Demystifying content models

This is part 1 of the Session Series: Designing content for Headless, Omnichannel, and Personalisation An on-demand panel discussion with Noz Urbina, Meghan Casey, Jeff Eaton, Carrie Hane, and Cruce Saunders. Content models are crucial to the digital landscape, yet they often remain a mystifying concept. This webinar will clear the haze, providing a clear understanding of content models, their […]

Panel at the Tridion Success Summit UK

Tridion Success Summit The Shard, Shangri-la,, London

This panel will explore the connection between content maturity and personalization. We will discuss the challenges of delivering personalized content and how content development can help bridge the gap. Topic Focus: Considering the audience and objectives for this panel, we’ll follow the larger Summit theme that is developing around personalization. The link between content maturity […]

Panel: Embedding omnichannel practices in the enterprise

Utterly Content, Online

Google tells us that interest in the topic of omnichannel has increased more than 1000% in 10 years. For a good reason: omnichannel means putting the audience at the centre of content strategy and design to improve their overall journey.

Workshop: Omnichannel in Pharma – from getting started to the cutting edge

Utterly Content, Online

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies have caught the omnichannel bug. Around the world they are quickly forming teams and investing millions. Often, these initiatives are led by highly competent staff who have years of pharma experience but who are suddenly being asked to develop and execute on content strategies and platforms vastly more complex than anything the company has done before; all while maintaining quality, compliance, and staff morale.

Panel: Content modelling

Utterly Content, Online

Leading experts bring their varied backgrounds together to discuss one of the industry’s most important and least understood disciplines: content modelling. Modelling is a design process for content that can return transformative benefits.

Presentation: The Current Content Software Landscape: Navigating the Muddle

ConVEx Rotterdam, Netherlands

Following the global explosion in the expectations around content has come a burst of new software tools. Content teams are inundated with overlapping options across the content lifecycle. Getting the wrong platform can set a team back years and sometimes millions of dollars.

Workshop: Content Modeling for the Win!

LavaCon San Diego, California

One of today’s most daunting content delivery challenges is maximizing the relevance of every piece of content, for personas, individuals, specific contexts, on a diverse array of target devices and channels. This session will teach a proven methodology to analyze, enrich and structure your content to help authors create omnichannel and automation-ready content.

Interview series “Insights with Experts”: Reviews of the Future in an Omnichannel, multilingual and increasingly personalized world


Presented by Host: Dipo Ajose-Coke of Componize Interviewee: Noz Urbina If we are to deliver the best experience for our customers, we need to rethink how we approach the review process and consider new technologies that allow us to move faster and more efficiently. In this summary of the discussion between Noz Urbina of Urbina Consulting […]

Masterclass: Mastering The Metaverse: Getting Ready for Web 3.0


This masterclass is an extended, more interactive version of the Demystifying The Metaverse webinar earlier this year. Using live VR demonstrations for inspiration, we'll dive into current and potential applications of VR/AR Web 3.0 experiences for different industries.

Panel Discussion: Planning for the Metaverse and Beyond


Join us for a panel discussion about the metaverse and how to prepare for it. Futurist and omnichannel content expert Noz Urbina will be joined by Ashleigh Faith, host of the Ashleigh Faith IsA DataThing YouTube channel, and, Ray Gallon, president of the Transformation Society.

OmnichannelX – The World’s Online Omnichannel Conference


At OmnichannelX, we bring together the best and the brightest in the field so they can share their success stories, tell their tales of early failures, and explain the techniques they’ve used to make their omnichannel content orchestration and personalisation initiatives work. These are people who have a deep understanding of the “trees” as well as the benefits of the “forest”.