Mastering the Metaverse Workshop

Getting ready for the immersive web

The hype around the Metaverse and 3.0 have been a rollercoaster. There’s immersive content, augmented reality, the semantic web, Blockchain, NFTs, and more. What are they? And more importantly – who cares?

This session will lay out a path that is future-friendly for the metaverse while delivering beneficial results today, far before headsets and glasses become mainstream.

Attendees of this session will participate in a group brainstorming on why they would and how they could start getting ready for their metaverse presence. Using live VR demonstrations for inspiration, we’ll look at the immersive web spectrum – from 3D in the traditional web browser to full metaverse experiences and all the levels in between, such as augmented or mixed reality apps on the phone, headsets, and more. We will also look at both current and potential applications of VR/AR Web 3.0 experiences for different industries.

We will set the stage by giving simple relatable explanations of the core concepts and technologies and discuss what changes you’ll need to make to be ready for the 3D web and look at why – just like Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 – it will be the users who drag businesses, sometimes kicking and screaming, into this next major paradigm shift.

By the end, we will establish achievable, useful, intermediary steps between the current state of content and a more 3D-capable digital presence.

Learning objectives


  • Separate the hype – both positive and negative – from the real business models and applications that are coming to the mainstream
  • See what the first applications of VR will be in storytelling, learning and training, and other omnichannel brand experiences
  • Lay the foundations for Metaverse-ready content strategy
  • Understand the tech stack implications of Metaverse-ready content experiences.

“For a newbie to Web 3.0 it was at the perfect level – a high level overview with lots of demos, without going into the weeds. I need to get a VR headset so I can start testing some of the examples out myself!”

Stacey Gorski

Head of Medical Excellence, AstraZeneca

“Loved the passion and curiosity! It’s great to be able to be with fellow content strategists and collectively talk about this and its impact on content. It supercharged us!”

Timi Stoop-Alcala

Principal Content Strategist, IKEA


  • Context: from Web 1.0 to 3.0 
  • What are the metaverse, blockchain, and Web 3.0?
  • Why will the metaverse take off? What problems does it solve?
  • What are the technologies and concepts that are required for building a metaverse experience: format-agnostic reusable assets, spacially-aware content and metadata, semantic and structured content, and more?
  • AR/VR design concepts, with live demos – immersive, content triggers, transmedia storytelling, free-form storytelling, space dilation, time dilation, and more
  • What a metaverse-ready content workflow and technical stack does.


Key take-aways

  • A list of applications and use cases that are taking off already
  • A list of case studies, examples, and resources to develop and inspire your strategy
  • A new high-level workflow for integrating metaverse into your omnichannel strategy.

Industry-specific sessions

This session has been customised in the past with case studies and examples for the industries below. Customisation for your organisation is available as an add-on to this session.

  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, specifically in Medical Affairs, Medical Information, Marketing or Commercial
  • Software & SaaS
  • Financial Services & Fintech
  • Manufacturing
  • Government 

Who it’s for

This session is highly cross-functional and can be applied to a variety of digital marketing and commercial communications, technical communications (e.g. HTML5 / DITA / modular content), and content marketing.

  • Communicators of all kinds, but specifically marketing communicators, technical communicators, and user experience specialists
  • Content marketers concerned about creating content at scale for a feasible cost
  • Managers keen to have a deeper understanding of the process and challenge of going multi or omnichannel
  • Staff responsible for taking content from unstructured and generic content and preparing it for personalised delivery in applications, online, across social media, wearable devices and more.

The session helps address managing content personalisation and contexualisation against consistency, and good user experience across formats and omnichannel delivery. It is one of the few workshop sessions available on the market that can future-proof attendees who want to prepare both for complex web, email, and search engine and chatbot optimisation as well as up-and-coming scenarios like wearable devices, multi-screen interactions, embedded user assistance, augmented reality, and more.

Difficulty levels

The available difficulty levels are

  • introductory
  • intermediate, and
  • advanced.

The focus can be tuned for professionals in

  • digital & content
  • experience & excellence
  • content marketing, and
  • technical communications.

Delivery options

In person – on-site, at clients’ offices, as part of industry conferences.

Online – with the possibility of having the workshops recorded and transcribed.