Mapping Analytics to Business Metrics Workshop

Measure what matters

Learn to measure content according to whether it fulfilled its business purpose rather than just numbers like hits, likes, and shares.

Whether your content is intended to empower people with knowledge or to persuade potential customers, this session will give you practical tips on improving your metrics approach. It looks at the common mistakes that content teams make when developing their measurement strategies and how to fix them. Attendees will learn to position content in a way that resonates with the organisation that funded it, and the users who consume it, by focusing measurements on audience journeys and top user tasks.

Despite having more raw data than ever on content and user experience, content teams still measure their output with metrics like simple hits, likes, and shares or isolated data points. Instead, we should be measuring whether it fulfilled its reason for being. 

See how businesses made strategic changes resulting in 10s, 100s, and even 1000s of percent improvements on their key content metrics.

Win the support you need

Urbina Consulting has been building successful, custom, and evidence-backed business cases for over 2 decades. This session will help you wake up management and get the message heard around your organisation:

  • content helps drive the business
  • content is inseparable from customer, product, and user experience, and
  • content needs proper investment.

Learning objectives


  • How to avoid the common pitfalls in the content measurement landscape
  • How to change the internal discussion around content to focus on what managers and users care about
  • How to redefine content quality in a way that maps more clearly to business goals
  • How others made high-impact changes to their measurement systems.

It’s a keeper! The relationship between strategy and KPIs. This is so key to having the right conversation with biz leaders about content. Sometimes its not super clear how everything comes together. And it can be challenging to explain how your content work fits in.

Sandie Markle

Senior Director, Content Engineering

Noz is a sensational workshop host and knows his subject very well. I liked the pace of the workshop, and he was very friendly and kind to respond to the live questions too, in the chat.

Vinish Garg



  • What’s wrong with how we do content metrics today?
  • Business metrics vs analytics
  • Aligning metrics with the audience experience
  • Aligning metrics with common executive business drivers 
  • Prerequisites to effective metrics strategies: experience maps, data taxonomies
  • Creating your omnichannel content metrics 
  • Case studies and proven examples of winning metrics approaches.


Take-away materials

  • Session slides
  • Metrics planning Miro templates
  • Recording (if delivered online)
  • Automatic transcript (if delivered online).

Industry-specific sessions

This session has been customised in the past with case studies and examples for the industries below. Customisation for your organisation is available as an add-on to this session.

  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, specifically in Medical Affairs, Medical Information, Marketing or Commercial
  • Software & SaaS
  • Financial Services & Fintech
  • Manufacturing
  • Government 

Who it’s for

This session is highly cross-functional and can be applied to a variety of digital marketing and commercial communications, technical communications (e.g. HTML5 / DITA / modular content) and content marketing.

  • Communicators of all kinds, but specifically marketing communicators, technical communicators and user experience specialists
  • Content marketers concerned about creating content at scale for a feasible cost
  • Managers keen to have a deeper understanding of the process and challenge of going multi or omnichannel
  • Staff responsible for taking content from unstructured and generic content and preparing it for personalised delivery in applications, online, across social media, wearable devices and more.

The session helps address managing content personalisation and contexualisation against consistency, and good user experience across formats and omnichannel delivery. It is one of the few workshop sessions available on the market that can future-proof attendees who want to prepare both for complex web, email, and search engine and chatbot optimisation as well as up-and-coming scenarios like wearable devices, multi-screen interactions, embedded user assistance, augmented reality, and more.

Difficulty levels

The available difficulty levels are

  • introductory
  • intermediate, and
  • advanced.

The focus can be tuned for professionals in

  • digital & content
  • experience & excellence
  • content marketing, and
  • technical communications.

Delivery options

In person – on-site, at clients’ offices, as part of industry conferences.

Online – with the possibility of having the workshops recorded and transcribed.