Mapping Analytics

Climbing the management mountain

Climbing the management mountain is hard. We work in close partnership with you and your stakeholders to deliver a concrete, actionable roadmap and measurement plan that aligns with the brand’s key objectives and budget constraints.

The secret is no secret: you’ve got to tune the message to the audience, and properly map the value of the solution to the goals that they care about. Urbina Consulting has developed a repeatable methodology for “storming the castle” and getting initiative funding.

New metrics for today’s omnichannel digital landscape

Omnichannel requires constant rethinking how we define quality and success. Traffic, Customer Satisfaction, and Net Promoter are not sophisticated or detailed enough to optimise experience or content. Despite having more raw data than ever on content and user experience, content teams still measure their output with channel-oriented analytics like hits, likes, clicks, and shares.

By focusing measurements on journeys and the progress of top user tasks you can avoid the common mistakes that teams make when developing their measurement strategies and present results in a way that resonates with the organisation.

We have the data

We can help you measure whether content or design changes fulfilled their reason for being. In our library of case studies, we examples where clients changed their measurements to achieve 10s and 100s of % improvement on their key content metrics and were able to justify and explain the power of digital improvements to their colleagues and leadership.

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