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Design content like a product.

Because it is a product. Content design is a formal methodology for research, user needs analysis, channel and journey mapping, language and standards definition, creation, sharing, and iterative delivery and improvement. It is a proven method for everything from UX copy to web writing to fueling the most advanced and adaptive omnichannel content personalisation solutions.

Content design means: Audience first, channel last

Content is a product. Using a channel-last content methodology can be counter-intuitive for many experienced professionals, but content design uses proven methods to first focus on where value can be added to the audience and their needs can be addressed. Channel experiences are then layered in with a focus on optimising implementation for the role, goals, and capabilities of each channel or format. The right architecture and content models are essential to tackling today’s mobile and omnichannel digital delivery requirements.

Our unique Content Design methodology delivers effective & manageable results, no matter the scale or scope of your omnichannel strategy. It begins with user research – either our own methods or by integrating your existing materials – and can then facilitate the process all the way from prototypes to proof of concept implementations to full enterprise-scale roll-outs.

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