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Omnichannel consulting services

Urbina Consulting is a content strategy consultancy that supports adaptive, multi- and omnichannel content initiatives. We work in close partnership with organisations who want to scale their content processes, speak with one voice, and build personal relationships with their audience, regardless of how they choose to connect.

Our Services

Content Strategy

Taxonomy, Ontology, and Enterprise Search

Metrics strategy and business case development

“I enjoyed the challenge to think outside the box and be honest about where our audience have pain points throughout their journeys while interacting with us."

David Lynch – Head of Content


“Urbina Consulting is one of the best informed consultancy in the industry, and their content personalisation workshop offers practical, timely guidance that enables organisations of all sizes to have omnichannel impact with their content investments.”

Keith Boyd – Content Strategist


“We hired Urbina Consulting to help us develop a comprehensive yet focused content strategy. They did this and so much more! They were fantastic at helping us understand what would move the needle for our customers and bottom line with a limited budget.”

Alanya Schofield – VP, Subscription Products Division


We can help you…

Maybe you’ve already got a strategy and a plan. We can coach you as much or as little as you need to get you headed towards successful implementation, helping you build up your project scope, success metrics and roll-out plan. Change management and transitioning of teams are the real (and often underestimated) challenges of a content project.