Work Smarter, Not Harder – Less Work, More Flow

Welcome to my inaugural blog post on Less Work, More Flow!

Titles for my blog could have been related to content, dita, xml, component content management and the rest, but I stuck with something that I think covers them all.

All these xml and ccm technologies are about working more efficiently and getting more out of the resources – time, people, money – that we have.

This implies fundamental change to content workflow and content strategy, and I think that “perspective” change (paradigm shift is a bit of a clich√© these days) is the most critical aspect to any content systems implementation, and therefore it’s around that that I’ve chosen to name my blog.

Plus I think it’s cute, and in an industry full of very clever but deadly dull minds, I think it’s nice to have a giggle time to time.


  1. mhiatt1234

    I am very impressed with your understanding of the past, present and future of content strategy and technical communication from other blogs you have contributed to. It’s about time you shared some of it. I will be following religiously.


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