Content Strategy Book Launched [NF0]

I am delighted to finally announce the publishing of my book – with my co-author Rahel Anne Bailie: Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand and benefits.It has been two intense years of working a more than full time job and authoring in every moment I could scrape together.  Some may have noticed we renamed it from the pre-launch name to simply “Content Strategy”.

We’re much happier with the new title as it addresses content strategy in its full breadth and so is really the most appropriate.

Reviews and Excerpts

*UPDATES – Feb 2013*

We sold out of books at the Intelligent Content 2013 conference! Should have brought more stock!

In other news, two great new reviews for the book by prominent figures in our industry:

Past Reviews and Excerpts

Thanks to all who supported me and were involved on the journey. I hope my blog readers choose to pick up a copy and tell me your thoughts!

Have I missed a review?  Let me know in the comments!

As you can see on the site, copies are available from:


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