“What is structure, anyway?” new Content Matters podcast interview

Here’s the recording an episode of the Content Matters Podcast hosted by the amicable and highly professional Iain Griffin from Four-Is.com (pronounced “four eyez”). We originally discussed covering some topics of my presentation at ICC14, “The Biological Imperative for Intelligent Content”, but we it quickly became clear that to really understand the presentation, I needed to provide a baseline understanding of what “Intelligent Content” and even simply “Structured Content” mean.

What I really liked about the Four-Is session is that Iain told me after we were finished that for him it helped gel once and for all the meaning of structured, semantic content – and importantly what they’re good for and why organisations use them. It was a clear reminder of the fact that, as often is the case in very new and fast growing technologies, we’re often saying words like “structured content”, but not many have had a good, relatable explanation given to them.

I’ve noticed that even experts who have earned an understanding through blood sweat and tears struggle to create a 2-5 minute description that is memorable. We often struggle to describe what we know too well. Interesting.

This was part of the push to create the book “The Language of Content Strategy” and motivation to participate in it. Do check that out too as it’s an excellent reference and contribution to our field.

Check out the podcast (Iain’s post of it is here) and let me know what you think. Did it help make structure easier for you:

  1. Understand?
  2. Explain to others?
  3. Neither, because I was messing about talking about brain stuff and the whole thing wasn’t clear.




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