ICA is a Swedish retailer franchise with a focus on food and health. The company was started in 1938 and is the second largest retail company in the Nordic countries.

How we helped

This organisation wanted to Increase content stickiness, remove ‘dead-ends’ in their customer interactions via their web and app touchpoints, and facilitate natural exploration paths between topics without having to resort back to Google or onsite search. Their KPIs included:

  • increased engagement
  • time on site, and
  • revenue-per-user.

The organisation was already a leader in SEO and was using channels like voice interactive devices (Google Home, Alexa) but wanted to take its editorial and marketing content strategy to the next level while integrating with its main product content.

Urbina Consulting did an initial strategic review and offered adaptive content modelling and metadata consultancy to drive greater efficiency of the content creation process and future-proof content for personalisation-readiness and reuse in omnichannel.

Their organisation needed new structures in editorial and improved guidelines on when and how to tag content so that users stayed engaged and moved to related content, not back to Google (where they could find competitors).

What we achieved

The designs and strategy laid out a roadmap for the transition to a mixed artificial intelligence and human-tagging approach bridging the gap between new content and some 22,000 pages of existing content.

The roadmap also set out the approach by which an improved recommendation engine could optimise calls-to-action for a specific user and even build custom content deliverables driven by user behaviours.

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