Fabrizio Ferri Benedetti

Content Strategist,

Softonic, Barcelona

Fabrizio is a writer and psychotherapist with a keen interest in Human-Computer Interaction. he lives in Barcelona, where he works for Softonic, the World’s leading software portal. He writes feature articles and provides analysis and tutorials about software for millions of users. He also does consultancy for tech companies, NGOs, and startups, and he collaborates with national and international media on a regular basis.

He started his career as a researcher in cognitive neuroscience in 2005, and he has been an active blogger since 2003. In 2007, his personal blog was nominated for the Best of Blogs 2007 Award – Best Spanish Blog. In 2007 he left the academia to pursue his core passions, which are writing and teaching on IT-related topics.

His goal is helping people to understand software and how software can enhance their life and work. He refers to himself as software therapist because he tries to make both parts communicate effectively, as in a therapeutic setting. Currently, Content Strategy is the field that seems to satisfy most of his concerns.


How to Sell Content Strategy in Spain: Challenges and Opportunities

17:55, Monday 10 February 2014

Spain is still a virgin territory for Content Strategy and Structured Content. While offering Content Strategy services may seem a daunting task given the market situation, there are tactics which the CS debutante can use to his advantage.

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