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Interview series “Insights with Experts”: Reviews of the Future in an Omnichannel, multilingual and increasingly personalized world


Presented by Host: Dipo Ajose-Coke of Componize Interviewee: Noz Urbina If we are to deliver the best experience for our customers, we need to rethink how we approach the review process and consider new technologies that allow us to move faster and more efficiently. In this summary of the discussion between Noz Urbina of Urbina Consulting […]

Masterclass: Mastering The Metaverse: Getting Ready for Web 3.0


This masterclass is an extended, more interactive version of the Demystifying The Metaverse webinar earlier this year. Using live VR demonstrations for inspiration, we'll dive into current and potential applications of VR/AR Web 3.0 experiences for different industries.

Panel Discussion: Planning for the Metaverse and Beyond


Join us for a panel discussion about the metaverse and how to prepare for it. Futurist and omnichannel content expert Noz Urbina will be joined by Ashleigh Faith, host of the Ashleigh Faith IsA DataThing YouTube channel, and, Ray Gallon, president of the Transformation Society.

Webinar Wednesday: Content reuse and omnichannel personalisation


How to write and structure content so that it’s omnichannel and reuse-ready? What will I learn? This webinar covers the following core questions: How do you actually write and structure content so that it’s omnichannel and reuse-ready? What does an omnichannel toolset look like? Can I create omnichannel, personalisation-ready content on a budget or start […]

Workshop: Adaptive content modelling for omnichannel delivery

OmnichannelX Amsterdam

One of today’s most daunting content delivery challenges is adapting your message for personalised, even context-specific distribution, on a diverse array of target devices and channels. This session will teach a proven methodology to analyse, enrich and structure your content to help authors create omnichannel, personalisation and automation-ready content.