Webinar: Omnichannel content solutions for pharma: Breaking free from traditional documents



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Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies are trying to “go omnichannel”. Around the world, they are forming teams and investing millions. Teams are suddenly being asked to develop and execute on digital strategies and platforms vastly more complex than anything they have done before. And this is all to be executed whilst maintaining quality, compliance, and staff morale — a tall order! This session will draw upon case studies from the likes of Eli Lilly, Roche, and 3M Lifesciences and more to clearly define why and how of proven strategies and tactics successfully implement methods like component content (aka: ‘atomic’, ‘modular’, ‘structured’, ‘reusable’, “like Lego”…), omnichannel data and analytics integration, and tagging and categorizing for personalization and regional compliance at scale.

Join us for this webinar, where Noz Urbina of Urbina Consulting – a globally recognized omnichannel content designer, strategist and solution architect along with Chip Gettinger of RWS, will discuss the opportunities and challenges that surround changes to workflows and improvements to key metrics like customer satisfaction, staff experience, and efficiency. We’ll also address more elusive but vital metrics like content’s perceived empathy to patient needs and the confidence it inspires in professionals and patients alike.

You’ll learn:

  • Going beyond the Age of the Page: The difference between omnichannel-ready and traditional documents (MS Office, Google)
  • How pharma brands can begin their digital journey towards omnichannel content and away from traditional document formats
  • How different areas within the pharma enterprise can benefit from shared methodologies and tech — even if they involve very different audiences and processes
  • What you should be looking for from your platforms when going omnichannel. How can you tell whether your tech stack is up to the job?

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