Session: Creating journey maps that actually drive better omnichannel content experiences


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Master omnichannel

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There are many journey maps in the world, and most of them are nearly useless. Organisations fall into any number of pitfalls when trying to achieve the goal of sharing an understanding of customer experience: the journey maps are based on a few opinions within the brand instead of real data; the maps are not tied into action plans or content design or editorial requirements; they are not shared around to the stakeholders that need them; or most common and dangerous of all they are just pretty, static pictures of an ideal path from contact to enthusiastic advocate which get turned up for a single project only to be helved soon after.

Instead of assuming what users need or planning content in an abstract way, truly impactful journey maps seek to paint a detailed picture of the user’s experiences, content needs, and emotional states along their way to accomplishing an objective. This can be done in a way that brings organizational stakeholders together around UX and integrates directly into content design, modelling, and planning processes that support omnichannel personalisation at any scale.

This session shares the highlight of our proven methodology for building journey maps that actually bring about change for the better.


Industry insights from founder Noz Urbina and our closest industry peers.