Presentation: The human side of semantic content


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Master omnichannel

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Presentation: The human side of semantic content

When approaching semantic content solutions, it’s often tempting to focus on technologies and platforms. This session looks at the interpersonal and business side of optimising content models and use of semantic structures inline (semantic XML) and centrally stored (ontology management). Leveraging experience with marketing departments in large organisations, we will look at:

  • the use cases that marketers and marketing departments find compelling;
  • business drivers behind the adoption of semantic content; and
  • methodologies for collaborating with domain experts that have little-to-no understanding of semantic content.

The session will primarily address these questions: How do you best present the benefits of semantic solutions to a non-technical audience? The client is not always right, because they are working on out-of-date or invalid assumptions, so how do you best do the pre-work necessary to best validate the semantic designs that you are putting in place? How you ensure you are future-proofing content for omnichannel use cases, rather than optmising only for one or two key channels?


The lessons learned from my session will be: What is omnichannel? Why is it important to consider when building semantic solutions? What’s wrong with the way that we present semantic solutions (usually) today, and how can it be improved? (especially when talking to marketing departments who often need but rarely understand semantics) What is customer journey mapping (aka experience mapping) and how does it help develop effective semantic models?


Industry insights from founder Noz Urbina and our closest industry peers.