Presentation: The Current Content Software Landscape: Navigating the Muddle


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Following the global explosion in the expectations around content has come a burst of new software tools. Content teams are inundated with overlapping options across the content lifecycle. Getting the wrong platform can set a team back years and sometimes millions of dollars. Just in the management systems, there’s now headless CMS, CCMS, web CMS, DAMs with more sophisticated text support, and younger generation of “content operations” tools or extensions that connect to and extend these systems. There’s a similarly overlapping and confusing array of approaches when it comes to the authoring and delivery of content as well, not to mention the growing field of metadata management.
In this session, Noz Urbina uses 20 decades of content systems experience in a variety of applications and industries to clarify the current landscape. Although there’s no simple answer to the question “So what should I get?” this session will leave you empowered with a clearer understanding of the current options, how they can be used in combination, and how sometimes interdepartmental politics and IT’s goals can heavily influence your tool strategy.



Industry insights from founder Noz Urbina and our closest industry peers.