Pharma Session: Transform traditional content into intelligent modular content



Master omnichannel

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Eli Lilly’s commercial organization has a vision of delivering personalized customer experiences through omnichannel orchestration. This means delivering the right content to the right customer in the right channel at the right time. Transforming our traditional content into intelligent modular content is a key enabler for the ‘right content’. Traditional content is often human-only – that is, not ready for machine processing – and resource and time intensive to produce, and finally it’s quite difficult to reuse or measure its effectiveness.

Lilly has transformed its content operating model with a modular approach to creating claims, implemented a technology stack that is machine friendly, and enables fast productivity of content and its measurement. In this session, we will explore the journey of converting human-only content to both human and machine-friendly content that enables automation showcasing the modernization of product claims content.

What you’ll learn

1. Attendees will have an opportunity to understand what is intelligent modular content and its values
2. Attendees will have a better understanding on how to design features that are machine friendly
3. How the vision of omnichannel orchestration impacts the design of modular content up front


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