Pharma Session: Omnichannel vision, alignment and execution: A cautionary tale & case study


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Achieving Omnichannel success can be a big leap for many companies. For a life sciences company, transitioning from a product-centric & multi-channel strategy to a customer-centric Omnichannel approach, the gap between desire and ability was (at times) chasmic, making the leap can be daunting.

In this case study we will share some of the opportunities & challenges in achieving organisational alignment across customer experience, and content and data excellence teams. We will also highlight the importance of a solid data strategy, as well as how to work with program execution teams while trying to integrate with education, change management, and communications.

We’ll cover what went well (and what didn’t), what we’d have done differently, and the lessons learned that can be applied across programs & sectors.

What you’ll learn

In order to achieve a successful omnichannel program attendees will learn the dos and don’ts of:

  • getting organisational alignment across silos
  • understanding the importance of a strong data strategy, and
  • change management, education & communications.

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