Pharma Session: Independent thinking: How artificial neural networks enable computers to think like us




After years of promises, artificial intelligence has finally reached the stage where it impacts our lives on a daily basis. The things that computers can do with us and for us are rapidly expanding through the use of artificial neural networks (ANN).

This technology is extremely powerful and complex when used by pharmaceutical and med device companies. Life sciences organizations face the unique challenge of creating vast amounts of detailed and interrelated content over many years. An ANN solution allows these companies to reap the benefits and advantages of using AI to complete data-heavy tasks. These advantages extend to the way pharma companies create content and impact how they will work with computers that “think like us.”

What you’ll learn

  • What are artificial neural networks and deep learning?
  • How do artificial neural networks work?
  • Where are artificial neural networks used in pharma today?
  • How do artificial neural networks impact the way pharma companies create content?

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