Panel: Embedding omnichannel practices in the enterprise



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Panelists: Noz Urbina (Urbina Consulting), Cecil Lee (Eli Lilly), Sana Remekie (Conscia), Cruce Saunders (SimpleA)


Google tells us that interest in the topic of omnichannel has increased more than 1000% in 10 years. For a good reason: omnichannel means putting the audience at the centre of content strategy and design to improve their overall journey. However, this cuts straight across some of a typical organisation’s weakest points: inter-team and cross-departmental collaboration, resourcing, funding, and governance. Most of us love the idea of consistency, shared standards, and user-centric approaches, but actually putting them into practice is not trivial. It requires a balance of content strategy, operations, and technical understanding, as well as an ability to build and manage a change plan.

Our panel has deep expertise in all these areas and is here to discuss your challenges and questions.


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