Panel at the Tridion Success Summit UK


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Master omnichannel

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This panel will explore the connection between content maturity and personalization. We will discuss the challenges of delivering personalized content and how content development can help bridge the gap.
Topic Focus: Considering the audience and objectives for this panel, we’ll follow the larger Summit theme that is developing around personalization.
The link between content maturity and personalization:
  • Is content personalization feasible without content development?
  • What are the content challenges and requirements for delivering personalized content?
  • What is the content maturity gap (thank you, Sarah) that must be bridged to enable personalization?

There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with users, our Tridion Sites specialists, and representatives from our partner ecosystem – all of whom will share insights and best practices on how to drive additional value and success.

We’d be delighted if you stay on for dinner after day one of the summit and keep the conversations flowing.

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