Masterclass: Mastering The Metaverse: Getting Ready for Web 3.0


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This masterclass is an extended, more interactive version of the Demystifying The Metaverse webinar earlier this year. Using live VR demonstrations for inspiration, we’ll dive into current and potential applications of VR/AR Web 3.0 experiences for different industries.

Attendees of this session will participate in a group brainstorm on why and how different industries could start getting ready for their metaverse presence. We’ll look at the use cases and prerequisites for moving forward.

The hype and confusion around Web 3.0 is huge: The Metaverse, the semantic web, Blockchain, NFTs, and more. What are they? And more importantly – who cares?

As a career futurist with an excellent successful prediction rate, Noz Urbina is excited and ready to de-hype Web 3.0 for the non-technical audience. In this session, he’ll give simple relatedtable explanations of the core concepts and technologies and discuss what changes you’ll need to make to be ready for Web 3.0. He’ll look at why just like Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, it will be the users who drag businesses – sometimes kicking and screaming – into this next major paradigm shift.

Outcomes and key takeaways


  • Separate the enormous, rampant hype from the real business models and applications that are coming to the mainstream
  • What the first applications of VR will be in storytelling, learning and training, and other omnichannel brand experiences.
  • Lay the foundations for a Web 3.0 / Metaverse-ready content strategy
  • Understand the tech stack implications for a Web 3.0 / Metaverse-ready content experiences

Master omnichannel

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