Panel Discussion: Planning for the Metaverse and Beyond




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Panelists: Noz Urbina, Ashleigh Faith, Ray Gallon
Host: Scott Abel

Join us for a panel discussion about the metaverse and how to prepare for it. Futurist and omnichannel content expert Noz Urbina will be joined by Ashleigh Faith, host of the Ashleigh Faith IsA DataThing YouTube channel, and, Ray Gallon, president of the Transformation Society.

The panelists will introduce the metaverse and help you understand both why it’s important and how it will likely impact your work and life. You’ll learn why organizations producing content for the metaverse are relying on a data-driven decision-making process, and why your metaverse efforts should not become another one-off project or silo. You’ll get a peek at the fast-approaching future of content, a look at what some real-world organizations are doing today — and planning for the future.

And, you’ll find out how to best communicate the value of — and need for — an omnichannel content delivery capability that supports the efficient and effective delivery of metaverse-powered customer experiences. This panel discussion is brought to you by The Content Wrangler and sponsored by Heretto — the content operations platform for knowledge management that turns product content into engaging digital experiences

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