Customer Journey Mapping Workshop – Lausanne, Switzerland March 2017

Customer journey maps: essential tools for creating customer-centric content experiences

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Join us in Lausanne for our Customer Journey Mapping workshop!

March 08, 2017

1 full-day, hands-on workshop and a free copy of Noz Urbina and Rahel Bailie‘s highly successful book : “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between, business, brand, and benefit if you register before January 21st!

A customer journey map (CJM) is a vital tool for building future-proof content strategies and content models that are customer-centric*, not brand- or channel-centric. Customer journey mapping enhances our understanding of users’ potential experiences and brand interactions across multiple touch-points and channels.

Customer journey maps are a way to lay out the ‘story of accomplishing a series of tasks’ from a user’s perspective. Instead of listing a series of tasks or sales lifecycle phases in an abstract way, or describing a static persona with no sense of time or place, CJMs seek to paint a detailed picture of the user’s experiences, content needs, and feelings along the way to accomplishing an objective. Although conceptually similar to a use case, process description, or a workflow diagram, CJMs are richer and more customer-centric. Across the stages of the journey, CJMs bring together content requirements with a matrix of potential channel details such as devices, staff interactions, and physical environments. This unifies a large amount of customer understanding into a consumable deliverable, allowing teams to build personalisation and omnichannel-ready content models and editorial plans. Because they help improve processes, refine content targeting, and enable contextual and personalised content, CJMs are becoming key elements in modern content projects.

Join our session to get a template, methodology, and business justification for customer journey mapping that you can use with your teams and even colleagues across silos. Start improving your content strategies the minute you get back to work.

* Customer here is defined either as a commercial customer or simply a content consumer, which could be an “internal customer” like customer support, trainers, sales staff and more.

Note: Laptops recommended with MS Office or a compatible suite installed. This session will include hands-on exercises.

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Why content strategies need customer journey mapping

This session helps bridge gaps in your customer experience and in your content processes and is one of the few sessions on the market that ties together the various content-related disciplines to help you build your unified strategy.



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What’s included in the Customer Journey Mapping Workshop?

  • 1 day workshop from 9:15AM to 16:30PM
  • Hand-outs and templates to take home
  • Breakfast on arrival
  • Coffee/tea, water, biscuits, pastries and fruits during the 2 breaks: 10:45AM and 14:30PM
  • An optional drink right after the workshop
  • One copy of Noz Urbina and Rahel Bailie‘s highly successful book Content Strategy: “Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits” if you register before January 21


How to get there?

By… From Duration Price
Foot Lausanne rail station 8min
Metro Lausanne rail station 4min 2.50 CHF
Taxi Lausanne rail station 8min because of one way roads

We advice walking!

Uber Geneva 55min 120 CHF
Train Geneva 45min 13.50 CHF

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