How to get Content Strategy funding (LavaCon Keynote)

My LavaCon keynote from 2013 is proving to have some real staying power and applicability across both marcomm and techcomm audiences. The title was: “Storming the Castle: Reaching Those Who Control the Power & Purse Strings”.

Although originally delivered with a slight techcomm slant, the messages are all about how any content professional can work their way through a corporate organisational structure to advance content-related goals.

It’s also the first place I presented the SCCS (Sexual Chocolate Content Strategy) Venn Diagram. A CSSC is a content strategy that will advance:

  • your personal and career goals
  • the organisation’s strategic goals
  • and end user goals.

The nexus where they all meet: that’s sexual chocolate*!

I hope you find them useful.

* In case you didn’t catch the reference, that’s Eddie Murphy in Coming to America. If you Google the whole thing, I take no responsibility for those sensitive to the colourful use of language! Another fun fact: this was my last ever Mekon-branded presentation before starting Urbina Consulting.

Watch the recording

Watch on Vimeo.

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