Ann Rockley and Rahel Bailie Congility 2011 Podcasts


As promised – here are the two Featured Speaker podcasts for Congility 2011 where I interview two major players in the content industry.

Both are delivering workshops and featured presentations at Congility 2011.

Ann Rockley

Ann Rockley, President of The Rockley Group, Inc. is interviewed by Noz Urbina, Mekon Consultant and Congility Conference Chairperson.

Sometimes known as the “mother” of content strategy, Ann introduced the concept in 2003 with her best-selling book “Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy”.

We talk about:

  • Unifying content strategies across silos like technical communications, marketing, support and more
  • The role of Darwin Information Typing Architecture and content consistency
  • How content affects the customer experience
  • Speaking with a single voice to multiple audiences.

Watch Ann Rockley’s video podcast (8 min)

Rahel Anne Bailie

Rahel Bailie, Principal of Intentional Design, has many years of experience in the areas of content development and user experience environments, including environments producing localized and/or internationalized content.

Rahel has been making waves in the Content Strategy community as of late and in European circles was recently the Keynote speaker of the Content Strategy themed STC France chapter event.

We talk about:

  • Knowledge vs. Data and Information
  • Combining and recombining content to create context (e.g. in a mash-up)
  • How all content today – technical, marketing, commercial and user generated – is becoming a unified body of ‘presales’ content
  • How standards help content converge for better experiences for customers
  • “Big picture” content strategy

Watch Rahel Anne Bailie’s video podcast (6.5 min)


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