2013 Conference Season Continued – Shall We Meet?

Continuing on from my previous post, another round of events I’ll be at before the end of the year!  November’s going to be non-stop with:

TCWorld/Tekom Conference, Germany

Focus: Technical Communication, Training, Localisation

6th–8th of November 2013

Wiesbaden, Germany

Their page says:

“tekom / tcworld conferences offer premium content from the world of technical communication, which you can’t find on the Internet. Our international speakers are selected by independent tekom committees and are evaluated to ensure maximum topicality, relevance and quality presentations.”

I’ll be delivering…

A presentation:

Rebuilding our mindset for the future of content work (9:45–10:30 am Wednesday 6th, Room 12D)

And a workshop:

The Incremental Steps Towards Dynamic and Embedded Content Delivery (13:45–15:30 Wednesday 6th, Room 1A/2)

Why I’m excited:

TCWorld is, by huge margin, the largest technical communication event in Europe. It is a professionally run event with a large number of excellent speakers from around the globe. Please forgive the UX of their website, I’m going to talk to them about that…

Content Strategy Applied 2013

Focus: End-to-end customer experience, case studies and content strategy basics

14-15 November 2013 with the pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, 13 November.

eBay offices in Richmond Upon Thames, London, UK

Their page says:

”We have a really great line-up, and we’re proud to include case studies from some top brands and organisations, including Facebook, Virgin, Bupa, Time Out, the NHS and Wonga, to name a few. There’s an emphasis on the end-to-end customer experience this year, and we’re doubling down on content strategy basics, to make sure you leave fully equipped to pull together a strong, coherent content strategy in your workplace. In addition, we’ve made sure we’ve included a strong technical track – something we’ve become known for at CSA UK.”

I’ll be delivering…

A workshop:

Adding structure to content to tackle multi-screening and multi-channel – Date (15:00–17:00 pm Thursday 14th)

Why I’m excited:

Hosted by eBay and featuring some of my favourite names in the industry, CSApplied goes into hands-on techniques and real case studies.  Not many Content Strategy conferences go as deep and practical as CSApplied, making it a very educational experience.  It’s also been since the last conference that Cleve Gibbon and I have managed to be in the same place and the same!

9th Annual Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference

Focus: OASIS DITA and innovations planned for DITA 1.3

18–19 November 2013

Holiday Inn Munich – Hochstrasse 3, 81669 Germany

Their page says:

‘If you’re thinking about implementing the OASIS DITA standard for structured content in your organization—if you’re just getting started and need more direction—if you’re experienced and want to hear more about the innovations planned for DITA 1.3 and those introduced by colleagues across the world, we invite you to take part.”

I’ll be delivering…

A presentation:

The Internet is Everywhere—So What’s Changed? (09:30 – 10:10 Monday, 18 November)

Why I’m excited:

DITA Europe is a staple in the European DITA scene.   I’ve been presenting there since almost the first year, but have missed a few in favour of the USA conference.  It’ll be nice to be back and reconnect with some of my European peers in the DITA world.

See you there!

If you’re at any of these events drop me a line or a tweet and we can meet!


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