2 New Webinars: Socially Enabled Help, DITA 1.2

Some new webinars coming at you! Both delivered in partnership DCL and their DCL Learning Series.

Upcoming next week and beyond, I’ve got some DITA 1.2

DITA 1.2 Interactive Tutorial: Three Part Online Mini-Series

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On-demand you’ve got:

Socially Enabling Documentation in the Cloud

“Social” isn’t limited to WIKIs, Forums, Facebook, and Twitter.

More and more organisations are looking at how community content can complement (and in some cases replace) their formal product content. Also, many are noticing how much overlap there is with social content platforms and their own intranets, internal business collaboration and knowledge sharing platforms.

For most, putting documentation fully in the hands of the users – even internal subject matter experts – isn’t an option, 1or is simply not desirable. Also, creating yet another silo of social content isn’t helpful for users trying to find answers.

So, how can community and formally created content play nicely together?

On this session see best practice concepts and case study examples demonstrating:

  • The pitfalls of poorly implemented social functions
  • How the DITA platform can form the core of a socially-enabled documentation platform
  • The key social features that organisations are implementing – and the back-end processes required to prevent chaos
  • How internal SME and external customer communities can be leveraged for maximum benefit to both
  • The impact on: editorial process, metrics and measurement, version management, content models, workflow, and metadata strategies

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