Content Personalisation Workshop: Adaptive Content Modelling – Lausanne, Switzerland, March 2017

Adaptive content modelling for omnichannel delivery

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Join us in Lausanne for our Adaptive content modelling for omnichannel delivery workshop!

09 and 10th of March, 2017

2 full days, hands-on workshop and a free copy of Noz Urbina and Rahel Bailie‘s highly successful book : “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between, business, brand, and benefits” if you book your seat before January 21st.

Today’s users want hyper-relevant content on any device. But how many of us can deliver it? Augment your content strategy for maximum relevance with a proven methodology to analyse, enrich and structure your content. After a day of hands-on group exercises, you’ll take away new ideas and the skills necessary to build models and style guides to get your team feeding a scalable, omnichannel-ready delivery process that delivers content adapted to users’ wants, needs, and current situation.

Note: Laptops recommended. This session will include various hands-on exercises!

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Why content strategies need adaptive content modeling

To provide meaningful, personalised user experiences across all channels, content needs to be different. It needs to be adaptive, nimble and agile enough to overcome today’s delivery challenges. But making our content adaptive means addressing a topic that sends many running for the fire exit or nearest window: semantic content modelling. This session will connect the dots between semantic content, content reuse, responsive design, omnichannel and multichannel delivery, and the all-important user experience.

Our trade is discussing content being freed from the browser, available for reuse, and accessible in apps, kiosks, responsive mobile deliverables, eBooks and syndication services to our partners – even in wearable technologies. All this should improve the experience of users, and of course, benefit the organisations that serve them. Adaptive content unifies all these concepts and makes such a paradigm possible.

This session will show you why you want and need to have adaptive content structures in today’s content economy. It will then go through non-terrifying introductory exercises to help you model your own content in a future-proof way.



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Where is it exactly?

Ticket information

[Earlybird] 2-day Adaptive content modelling for omnichannel delivery


[Standard] 2-day Adaptive content modelling for omnichannel delivery

  • Full price: 675 EUR

[Student] 2-day Adaptive content modelling for omnichannel delivery

  • Student price:  472.50 EUR

[Package] 3-day Content Personalisation Package (includes both workshops and save 225 EUR.)

  • 2 workshop package price: 800 EUR

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What’s included in the Content Personalisation Workshop?

  • 2 day workshop from 9:15AM to 16:30PM
  • Hand-outs and templates to take home
  • Breakfast on arrival
  • Coffee/tea, water, biscuits, pastries and fruits during the 2 breaks: 10:45AM and 14:30PM
  • An optional drink right after the workshop

Previous session feedback

“The levels of professionalism, expertise, skill, and personal attention to detail were at a much higher level than any previous course I have attended”  Head of Content, Global Top 20 Bank

“Found the session really engaging, I feel I learnt a lot and the exercices really helped to illustrate the concepts. Noz is great!”  Content Production Manager, Global Top 20 Bank

“I enjoyed the challenge to think outside the box and be honest about where our audience have pain points throughout their journeys while interacting with us.” Content Stakeholder, Global Top 20 Pharma Company

How to get there?

By… From Duration Price
Foot Lausanne rail station 8min
Metro Lausanne rail station 4min 2.50 CHF
Taxi Lausanne rail station 8min because of one way roads

We advice walking!

Uber Geneva 55min 120 CHF
Train Geneva 45min 13.50 CHF

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