2015-present, World Leader in Credit Card Fulfilment Software with ~5000 staff, 2.8 billion revenue in 2015, and 90% market-share among Canadian banks. This company supports 2 billion financial transactions a month.

How we helped

In this project, Urbina Consulting put together an international team of specialists to cover a full content strategy implementation that will align highly technical information to drive commercial and customer experience goals as well as increase efficiency.

The effort focused on the customer-onboarding and upselling process to increase the brand footprint inside enterprise clients and cross-departmental and channel consistency and coherency.

The project aimed at full strategic transformation and integration of post-sales content functions (documentation and training) under an aligned content strategy, platform, and methodology going forward.

Project scope included:

  • program strategy and business case development
  • CCMS tools selection
  • personas development and customer journey mapping
  • training in specialised authoring methodologies
  • content transformation, change management, and
  • extensive re-training and strategic consultancy at all stages.

What we achieved

Through this project, Urbina Consulting:

  • decommissioned three software packages in favour of a new unified platform
  • reduced turn-around time for updated content by up to 50%.
  • freed up 3 full-time employees who were dedicated to non-value -added tasks customising materials for parallel channels. This was replaced with automation enabled by the content model.

“Urbina Consulting has a true passion for delivering innovative solutions. They don’t shy away from challenging projects. Their people are extremely personable and honest. I am in awe of their dynamic communication skills and ability to adapt to a multitude of personalities in a room. I would recommend Urbina time and time again without hesitation.

Britt Ellmer

Director of content strategy program, TSYS

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