Roche is a Swiss multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide under two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. Roche is the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in the world by revenue, and the leading provider of cancer treatments globally.

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This joint presentation on the Roche transformation journey was recorded during an OmnichannelX event.

What is more difficult than change? Forced change. Disruptive events like the Covid-19 pandemic put the digital readiness and customer centricity of many organizations in the spotlight and under pressure. In this session, we will share what it takes to mobilize and implement change in a customer-facing service, in this case, the Medical Information service, whose “content customers” are healthcare professionals (MDs and pharmacists) and patients.

The audience of this session will get a look at the Roche transformation journey. Join and see what strategies we put in place to effect improvements to customer centricity. We will share how we got the endorsement of key decision-makers as well as what our capability map looks like. Of special interest: we will showcase the preliminary results of content transformation and its impact on our audience, with real content consumer feedback and insights.

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