Mastercard has been a household name for decades and continues to be one of the top-2 names on the planet for credit and debit-card solutions.

How we helped

Working with one of the main global players in one of the fastest-growing and fastest-changing industries in the world, Urbina Consulting was contracted to create an omnichannel-ready and future-proof content strategy.

What we achieved

This project started with web and print deliverables but was executed to future-proof for chatbots, data feeds, and more.

Although the client had a focus on search engine tuning because user data said, “customers can’t find things”, after a thorough customer journey analysis, we established that the core problem was one of the content models, content metadata, and writing methods.

In a controlled test, using both a Focus Group setting and self-paced online surveys, users were asked to find answers in highly technical information using content before and after transformation to the new standards. The session results were then measured according to 4 metrics:

  1. Time to find an answer–which was measured in seconds.
  2. Overall Satisfaction (OSAT)–which was measured on a 1-10 scale.
  3. Confidence that their answer was correct–which was measured on a 1-10 scale.
  4. Accuracy–which was measured as a function of whether the user found the correct answer in the content, found an incorrect answer, or declined to answer.

The goal was to increase CSAT (overall customer satisfaction) with content by 5%.

The results vastly exceeded the goals, with

  • 42% increase in speed in customers finding their answers
  • 45% increase in customer satisfaction with the overall experience
  • 43% increase in confidence that the content was accurate and actionable, and
  • over 2.5x (257%) increase in the actual factual accuracy of the answers found.

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