Deutsche Bank


Deutsche Bank is a German multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. It was founded in 1870. In 2021 it recorder a revenue of €25.4 billion, and in 2022 its all assets were worth €1.498 trillion.

How we helped

Deutsche Bank had implemented a complex content reuse architecture where content objects would be embedded inline inside each other. Like many brands, they were trying to work with content components that could be assembled like LEGO to create new deliverables easily. Also like many brands, they had a frustrating author experience issue which held back operationalising of the process.

In their system, content could nest like Matryoshka dolls (Russian dolls). This allowed very efficient content management because a single piece of content could be used in many contexts and only need review, approval, and translation once. 

The team had a simple interface to insert the content, but it was inserted as an icon, and users had to go look up the object in a library to see what was actually inside a reused item.

This frustrated users and slowed down the content production workflow.

What we achieved

Urbina Consulting developed some code to allow users to simply double-click any reused content and open it for viewing or editing.​

The new double-click functionality that allowed users to open up reused content items easily and quickly. It was very popular with content editors and made their content production experience much more pleasant.

It was praised as a time and effort-saving feature to make working with structured, reusable content actually work.

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