Rapid AI-Powered UX Design (RAUX)

Accelerate your UX design with AI

Learn Urbina’s free methodology to bring your research to life using generative AI.

Rapid AI-powered User eXperience design (RAUX) is Urbina’s own methodology for using Generative AI (best applied in ChatGPT) to

  • create and maintain better personas and journey maps
  • in a shorter amount of time
  • with more room for collaboration and leverage for different use cases.

By using AI, brands can create infinitely patient Personas to walk through as many Journeys as needed.  Teams can also train AIs to be valuable contributors to the mapping and content drafting process itself.

Use RAUX to enhance a variety of tasks

  • Research acceleration (or maximising the budget you have)
  • AI Persona simulations
  • Journey mapping
  • Task analysis
  • Personalisation planning
  • Personalisation variant generation
  • Content drafting (structured and unstructured)
  • Wireframes & mockups (coming soon)

Get started with RAUX

To start learning how to apply RAUX in your projects, you can

  1. download the free guide,
  2. check out our Journey mapping with AI workshop
  3. watch the free introductory webinar
  4. get in touch with our team of consultants, or
  5. register on our OmnichannelX Newsletter specifying that you’re interested in RAUX updates.
RAUX Newsletter

Watch the free webinar

RAUX was first launched in this webinar with our friends at UXPressia. You can watch this session free.

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