Content personalisation: The Adaptive Content Article Series

Adaptive content is a content strategy technique designed to support meaningful, personalised, interactions and content across all channels. With 94 percent of businesses saying personalization is key to success, and 48 percent of shoppers saying they’d like to use a phone to shop while in stores we can see that content personalisation in diverse contexts is in demand.

But it’s more than retail and B2C. Every business model is impacted. We’re now in a multi-channel world where all consumers want personalised content delivery no matter if they are private consumers, enterprise buyers or the various audiences that are internal to your organisation (think support, engineers, sales and marketing reps…). Everyone wants, and is starting to expect, the right content for their situation and context.

To extend and add depth to the discussion in the marketplace, I have planned a multi-part article series as well as our upcoming workshops at various venues around the world.

Tell me what to put in the next article

This ‘hub post’ gives you a taster of all my articles in this series and provides a place for pre-release discussion to get input from the community as to the questions you find most pressing. Your comments will help me shape future articles on this topic.

Adaptive Content: The Omni-Channel Technique You Need to Implement

This article is an accessible introduction for everyone, including management-level, non-practioner readers who take an interest in multi- or omni-channel personalisation. It looks at why omni-channel personalisation pushes us to adopt adaptive content, and why half-hearted or poorly conceived multichannel efforts – those using traditional, non-adaptive content – are in fact worse than doing nothing. It covers:

  • Definitions of omni-channel, multichannel and adaptive content
  • How they change our view of digital user experience
  • How they are essential to optimising user experiences, content strategies and content marketing efforts.
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How to Adjust Your Content Strategy for Adaptive Content Personalization


This article is targeted at upper and middle-management, team-leaders and implementers and looks at how we have to rejig our thinking about content work and content consumers to do adaptive properly.

Assuming you’ve decided to go adaptive and omni-channel, the questions looks at the 5Ws (who, what, when, where, why) of Adaptive Content we deal with in this article look at what to do next to get it:

  • properly planned and in place
  • embedded in your organisation
  • repeatable

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Content Personalization with Adaptive Content Modelling (working title)

In this article, I go deep into content modelling to support content personalisation and content reuse across all channels. I’ll compare:

  • adaptive content models to traditional ones
  • a delivery platform architecture that is suitable for content personalisation, omni-channel delivery (as opposed to traditional one)
  • how the authoring experience for adaptive content needs to change

I’m in the early stages with this one and I’d really like your input while I have time to put in the answers to your questions before I finish.

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