Adaptive Content on Jeff Eaton’s Insert Content Here Podcast

Here we look into Structured Content v Intelligent Content v Adaptive Content and the ripple effect through the world of content creation, management and analytics that’s they’re spawning.

Essentially, if you want to tackle omnichannel experiences and personalisation, then you’re going to need more structure and more flexibility in your content assets. Bad news: chatbots, apps, augmented reality, and the like all prefer nicely structured and tagged content. The good news: there are techniques that companies have been using for years that can be applied.

There are also grades of adoption of new techniques so that you can get from wherever you are to your next step.

Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts.

From Jeff Eaton’s Podcast site:

“In this episode, Jeff Eaton talks to Content Strategist Noz Urbina about Adaptive Content and the changing face of customer engagement. What does “omnichannel” mean? Is it more than a buzzword? What steps can organizations take to prepare for it? Spoiler Alert: It all relies on well-modeled content… Along the way, they discuss the storied history of structured content, the challenge of effective content personalization, and the existential horror of old-school WYSIWYG editors.”

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Img Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain, Zzubnik


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