About you

Everyone’s got an “About us” page, but consulting is about your business, not ours.

You’re probably busy, so to help you find out if we’re a consulting practice you want to engage, we’ve prepared a page all about you. If you see yourself in some of the points below, then we may be a good match.

Is this you?

  1. You’re in an enterprise-scale business trying to satisfy multiple audiences.

    Either you’ve got a business-to-business offering that’s complex and needs many different deliverables to market, sell, and support; or you’re in business-to-consumer with large content volumes, and a complex, omnichannel, multi-dimensional communication challenge –  or maybe both!

  2. Like us, you recognise that today’s market needs transformative change to the way we work, not incremental tweaks.

    But like most teams, you’ve never actually done it before and you could use the help of people who have.

  3. You’ve already worked with “The Big Name Consultancies”, but now you have to operationalise their advice.

    They gave you many shiny slide decks and, hopefully, some useful guidelines. Yet there was or still is a gap when it comes to execution: a lack of concrete detail, actionable methods, and real get-it-in-and-running implementation support for you and your team.

  4. You’re only just managing (or maybe not) to keep on top of the content you’ve got.

    There’s demand for much more, and on more platforms and devices than ever. You could use an experienced guest team member to support your program and help you on your journey.

  5. You’ve seen inconsistent content across your customer touch-points that’s hurting audience or staff experience.

    There’s desktop web, mobile, conferences, support lines, sales, training, user assistance, sales support, and all the new ones coming down the line. Messaging, accuracy, and branding are getting harder and harder to manage across them all. You need to sort it out in a way that’s repeatable, teachable, and scalable.

  6. You’ve recognised content’s high cost, and are trying to get more ROI of every asset you create.

    You want someone to help you align processes, people, platforms and value positioning across silos and teams to drive your business goals forward.

  7. You’re wondering about the future of your technology stack.

    Is it really up to the job? Is it a matter of the tool at all or maybe just how you’re using it? Is a new one also going to just get changed out again in a few years with the next website refresh? And what about all the other (potentially) related systems around the business? You’d like to talk this through to someone really trilingual: fluent in “manager”, “user” and “geek speak”.

  8. Your localisation and translation costs are out of control.

    You need to be faster to market (even sim-ship). You need to be able to deliver quality content in multiple formats and multiple languages without spending millions (or at least, not as many millions).

  9. You simply understand the true value of content to power audience and staff relationships.

    You get that it’s the world’s window into your organisation and quite how hard it can be to properly leverage it as an asset in your business. You know your teams need it to do their jobs effectively whether they’re customer-facing or not.

We won’t bite… although we may tell you truths that sting a little.

As far as we know, Urbina Consulting published the world’s first “About you page” back in 2015, and love the industry recognition, but yes, we do have an “About us“.