Hello! Noz Urbina here. I’ve has been working with designers and content creators tackling the challenges of multi- and omnichannel for the last 20 years. What I’ve seen is a trend of counter-productive trends, like trying to create pixel-perfect mock-ups in a digital space (which gave way to responsive design) or trying to run separate mobile content strategies, sites, and CMSs (which gave way to sanity).

But what are we still doing wrong?

In my first ever livestream interview, Christoph Trappe of and I will discuss

  • what’s happening in brands around the world that is helping or hindering progress towards omnichannel harmony
  • why sometimes more specialism and focus is a bad thing, and
  • the (live and realtime) questions that are causing you grief when you’re trying to align content and design work around your audience.

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8am Eastern Standard / 2pm Central European Time

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