My LavaCon keynote from 2013 is proving to have some real staying power and applicability across both marcomm and techcomm audiences. The title was: “Storming the Castle: Reaching Those Who Control the Power & Purse Strings”.

Although originally delivered with a slight techcomm slant, the messages are all about how any content professional can work their way through a corporate organisational structure to advance content-related goals.

It’s also the first place I presented the SCCS (Sexual Chocolate Content Strategy) Venn Diagram. A CSSC is a content strategy that will advance:

  • your personal and career goals
  • the organisation’s strategic goals
  • and end user goals.

The nexus where they all meet: that’s sexual chocolate*!

I hope you find them useful.

* In case you didn’t catch the reference, that’s Eddie Murphy in Coming to America. If you Google the whole thing, I take no responsibility for those sensitive to the colourful use of language! Another fun fact: this was my last ever Mekon-branded presentation before starting Urbina Consulting.

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