I have been so busy in the last few months launching this UrbinaConsulting.com and the re-launch of Congility.com that I have not blogged in ages, even to tell you about what has been keeping me so busy!  Here is a bit about this year’s event, and why it’s so unique and exciting in the content conference landscape.

2014 Theme: Driving customer experience from across the enterprise

Breaking silos means talking across them, not just within them.

Congility has always been focused on driving the market forward in the area of strategic use of content across organisational silos. Content strategy is by definition not under the domain of marketing, sales, technical communication or IT. Content strategy takes on challenges as needed to fulfil the organisational goals, wherever those content challenges may be. As a result, Congility events are more diverse than most, and accessible to attendees of various backgrounds. We have one dedicated CS track and one technology and techcomm track.

The market is all over it

I like to say that Congility is an event that’s “finally no longer ahead of its time”.  Since 2006 the event has been looking at overcoming format boundaries, multi-device delivery, structure and semantics, and user-driven information design for increased ROI. Back then, it was bleeding edge stuff. Now our whole industry is buzzing multichannel and now omnichannel strategies and how we must structure and store our content to make it adaptable to all these contexts, yet still create a coherent message and picture of the brand for the user.  Being ahead of the curve meant some people occasionally labelled it a nerd-fest, or “out there” or too specialised. What’s great is now having so many people excited to join the party, and those who saw the potential and joined early so excited to come back.

Diverse speakers

We have some names you probably know, and we’re happy to have some names you probably don’t. Early highlights include:

B2B and B2C. Organisations large and small

The event is a bit more “enterprise” than most, that’s true.  We focus on working in a future-proof way.  That tends to bring out the organisations who are already dealing with the big gnarly “problems of tomorrow” like eBay, Nokia, Salesforce.com, Symantec and the like, or those who just want to be ahead of the pack.

However, the event is definitely not just for megabrands, and we have healthy split of B2B vs B2C.  We find the lessons are universal. Big orgs are just the first ones to feel the pains that are coming for us all as the whole market marches forward. The lines between B2B and B2C*, persuasive and user enabling content, are starting to blur as we see that we have so much to learn from each other, and that the ridgid lines we were used to were hurting our users’ experiences.

We get a great vibe going and people really enjoy being part of an eye-opening and pragmatic event.

I hope this helps paint a vivid picture.

Call for speakers still open

The call for speakers is still open until Feb 15 http://bit.ly/yourtalk.

P.S. Any comments on the site as well as the conference are welcome. We are still ironing out some kinks, but even though, it’s 1000% improved (and now responsive).

*We have seen reports as recently as October last year that B2B is still employing content marketing techniques more than B2C, making B2B an extremely exciting space for the modern content professional. In B2B you can’t rely on technique and great copy to be successful, you have to deliver the goods in terms of meaningful, value-added content from various sources in the org chart that connects with diverse audience profiles.