Hello Readerinos,

I love to talk brand, and customer experience and ROI impact until I’m blue in the face. I also get lots of people asking me about some seriously hardcore stuff, and work on some of the world’s largest and meanest content munching machines. 

As a result, I’ve gotten myself blog readers at both ends of the content strategy technical interest spectrum. 

I need to help readers find the stuff that’s going to add value to them, and pass over (for now) the stuff replete with language and acronyms that to everyone else is gibberish. 

Presenting the Nerd Factor Ratings System


Photo: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:NERD.png

So, from now on, I’m going to try rank and tag the technie-ness of my posts from 0 (General) to 4 (Gandalf the White Ninja of Content Coding). So watch for [NF0],[NF2], etc. tags in blog and section titles.

This extra metadata should help you find the content that’s appropriate for your interests.

I hope my readers take the opportunity to push themselves a bit, but I also want you to spare your time for the posts that are going to help you in your work!

Now that I’ve got the levels, I’ll try to make sure I’m blogging at each one with some regularity.


Here’s some examples of questions I might answer or things I might talk about in each level:

General Audience Stuff [NF0]

  • Content affects the customer experience! 
  • Brand management and content management are kindred fields!
  • Here’s some tips on selling content value to managers.
  • It’s about knowledge, communication, collaboration and money.

Somewhat Nerdy Stuff [NF1]

  • Here’s some tips on building a content inventory.
  • Look what I found out by analysing the SEO of this content.
  • Change management and process factors to think about before integrating CMSs between departments.
  • How does terminology management affect content reuse and readability?

Definitively Nerdy Stuff [NF2]

  • What metrics should I report on in an XML system to prove to management we’re performing?
  • How should I evaluate a DITA CMS before buying one?

Very Nerdy Stuff [NF3]

  • What’s new in DITA 1.2? What is editor support like?
  • Here’s a new webinar on DITA 1.2 keys!
  • What’s the best way the set up my DITA metadata and folder taxonomy for organising my @conref targets?

About as Nerdy as I Ever Get [NF4]

  • When should I use @conkeyref and when should I use @ttr conditions?
  • Is it ANT scripts or XSLTs that you need to customise to get your DOT output ready for processing to XSL:FO/PDF and CHM deliverables?