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FYI – I’ll be doing a webinar on one of my favourite topics Oct 12th: Social enablement of technical communications.

Socially Enabled Content…?

Social Enablement…? Socially Enabled Technical Communication? 

What on earth is that? Glad you asked!

“Social” isn’t limited to WIKIs, Forums, Facebook, and Twitter, and “Communities” doesn’t just mean external customers, they’re you and your colleagues as well.

Social enablement basically means taking traditional content, and complementing (not necessarily replacing) it with community-driven social functionality like:

  • user contributions and conversations
  • community activity monitoring
  • tagging
  • ranking and metrics

All for the good of the users and the enterprise. And in the Cloud, and using DITA XML, so that it’s easy to roll out and access from smartphones, tablets, PCs and (gasp!) print.

I’ll be going over some of the content strategy pitfalls, issues, and gotchas as well as walking through an example where we’re prototyping social features in what was, 18 months ago, a traditional unstructured manufacturing tech docs environment

Hope we see you there!

Register: http://bit.ly/qmeeXQ or read more: http://bit.ly/qA1n0N