I’ve just been chatting with Andrew Bredenkamp (CEO, acrolinx) about Congility 2011 and his talk submission.

Of course all the speaker interviews are interesting, but the session with Andrew was particularly so because of how deeply he ‘gets’ where Congility is trying to go.

If you’re going to:

  • reuse
  • sell
  • be found
  • make content consumable and understandable on the first read
  • localise/translate
  • leverage the crowd and (UGC) user generated content

online or offline, then content consistency and the ability to mine large data sets for key patterns is vital.  So is attacking the issue across the customer life cycle, and therefore, across the content life cycle.

The content industry is moving so fast that those who can understand where it is are hard to come by.  Those that can articulate a clear and well supported vision of where it’s going are even rarer.  As such, I’m incredibly pleased to have Andrew and so many other top-quality speakers submit, and look forward to having him engage and interact with the Congility audience.

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